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Wei imperial brand Penyan net capsule is based on the traditional medicine of the motherland classic "Universal Relief" medicine developed as a natural herbal pharmaceutical preparations, Wei imperial Penyan net capsule has clear heat, adjusting blood, vaginal discharge stop a good effect can be a good solution gynecological inflammation often small abdominal pain, backache, cold, vaginal discharge, easily repeated and other diseases, and safe, no side effects, especially in reducing the relapse rate, there is a significant effect, is the treatment of various gynecological inflammation ideal drug, but also the safety and security of the modern women's health life.


[Drug Name] Penyan net Capsules

Ingredients honeysuckle suberectstem Woodwardia, dandelion, motherwort, plantain, red peony root, Sichuan dome. Accessories for the silica powder.

【Properties】 capsules, the contents of brown granules or powder; slightly bitter taste.

[Role category] product leukorrhagia non-prescription drugs.

[Indications] heat and dampness, and blood meridians, regulate menstruation ended with. For damp, excessive vaginal discharge.

[Specification] 0.5 grams per capsules.

Dosage oral, once five, three times a day.

Adverse reactions is not clear.

Taboo pregnant women, disabled.

Drug interactions] with other drugs at the same time use may occur drug interactions, please consult your physician or pharmacist.

[Packing] plastic packaging, 12, 3 plates / box.

[Validity] 24 months

[Manufacturers] Suzhou imperial Huaren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Component compatibility

1 capsule 8 herbs, compatibility and orderly


[Indications] detoxification, Shufeng meridians. For febrile disease, fever, hot sera dysentery, carbuncle swollen sores, rheumatic fever, weakness, joint pain, swelling.


[Indications] detoxification, can be used to heat toxin syndrome, Youshan Qing liver heat, heat treatment of liver swollen red eyes, and a variety of infections, suppurative disease. Of mastitis have good effect, detoxification Sanjie lactation.

Sichuan dome:

[Indications] warm through Xinsan, both blood circulation, but also gas pain, as "blood gas medicine", with blood around the effect, good "down by the water, in the open stagnation" to gynecological drugs, can blood to regulate menstruation, can cure a variety of diseases of obstetrics and gynecology.


[Indications] blood, blood, meridians. For irregular menstruation, blood deficiency chlorosis, numbness, paralysis, rheumatism.


[Indications] blood, blood stasis, menstruation, elimination of water. Cure irregular menstruation, Tailou dystocia, the afterbirth no less, postpartum blood halo, bleeding, abdominal pain, collapse leave out, hematuria, blood spilled, carbuncles sore.


[Indications] rheumatism, waist and knees, lower extremity weakness, frequent urination, enuresis, excessive vaginal discharge. Topical hemostatic gold sores.


[Indications] heat diuretic; Shenshi diarrhea; eyesight; expectorant. Attending master urination, pouring muddy vaginal discharge, edema, puffiness, Shushi Xie Li, Zhang Yi red eyes, cough and phlegm.


[Indications] stasis, pain, cooling blood, swelling. Indications stasis amenorrhea, hernia Jia accumulation, abdominal pain, hypochondriac pain, epistaxis, bloody diarrhea, intestinal wind of blood, red eyes, carbuncles, or flutter injury.

All parties compatibility orderly, played a total blood circulation, Ruanjian product, with heat and dampness, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory effect on the damp, blood stasis type pelvic inflammatory disease have a good therapeutic effect.

Wei imperial brand Penyan net capsule Features

Classics side, a broad spectrum of applications:

Based on the "Universal Relief" historical heritage and accumulation, net Penyan capsule formulation has been more than twenty years of clinical application of hundreds of thousands of cases of gynecologic patients, more effective, the majority of patients throughout the country welcomed the women.

Name drug compatibility, a significant effect:

Penyan net capsules can quickly relieve symptoms, the drug has heat and dampness, dampness meridians, promoting blood circulation to regulate menstruation, Gushen PEIYUAN effect. Fang honeysuckle, dandelion detoxification, carbuncle Sanjie; Millettia blood Circulation, through the meridians; Motherwort diuresis promoting blood circulation; Woodwardia replenishing liver and kidney, dampness; plantain heat water; TPG Qingreliangxue, Sanyu spasm and pain; Chuanxiong blood circulation of qi, chills and pain. Prescription Compatibility of various drugs, played a total of promoting blood circulation, Ruanjian product, and the power to heat dampness, for a variety of gynecological diseases with particularly gynecological inflammation have a very good therapeutic effect.

Leading technology, better absorption:

Chinese medicine using modern production technology, high-quality selection of herbs GAP, GMP factory verified elaborate, only to retain the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, and draw the high-tech extraction, dry granulation technology advantages, portable, easy to take, diluted faster, higher dissolution rate, more complete absorption.

Anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, analgesic relieves congestion:

Its Fang honeysuckle suberectstem Woodwardia, dandelion, plantain, red peony medicine for the broad-spectrum antimicrobial, antibacterial vivo experiments which demonstrated its major pathogens that cause pelvic inflammatory disease, such as: Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, E. coli has a strong antibacterial effect. Further animal experiments: xylene-induced ear edema in mice, cotton balls, agar granuloma induced by acetic acid induced mouse peritoneal inflammation, egg white rat paw edema study found that anti-inflammatory effect: due to glacial acetic acid writhing response in mice caused pain study found that hot plate analgesic effect.

Efficacy, low recurrence rate:

All parties compatibility orderly compose blood circulation, Ruanjian product, and to heat and dampness of the efficacy of damp, blood stasis type pelvic inflammatory disease have a good therapeutic effect. The capsule for acute and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease curative effect, especially for damp pelvic inflammatory disease is highly targeted, while reducing recurrent, improve the quality of life of patients.

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