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Events in recent years of Xi with much learning Chinese medicine

  March 28, departing President Xi Jinping visit the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic will cooperate in the fields of health and so on. Just before the visit, President Xi in the Czech Republic "rights" published a signed article, with particular reference to Central and Eastern Europe's first Chinese medicine center in the Czech Republic settled.


  So popular Chinese medicine, is definitely a big learning "hardcore Chinese medicine powder"!

  Xi greatly not only well aware of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine has a more unique knowledge and deep understanding. On several occasions he spoke highly of Chinese medicine, more times use of Chinese medicine concepts and terminology to explain the important speech of governance ideas and views. He said in his speech, Chinese medicine terminology fingertips, the use of Chinese Miao Yu, lively and vivid. For example, "rousing, blood circulation," "medicine to the ailing, scraped the bone drug treatment," "Reform must syndrome treatment, both nourishing and moistening, blood Circulation, but also strengthening the economy, strong muscle continued bone "...... such a professional, learning enough to show much of traditional Chinese culture and profound understanding of the cultural connotation of Chinese medicine to grasp the depth of philosophy.

Chinese medicine greatly loved learning platform for Chinese medicine many times, to promote the development of Chinese medicine. Today we give you sort out what big events with recent practice of Chinese medicine.


Xi Jinping attended the RMIT Chinese Medicine Confucius Institute Award Ceremony

"Chinese medicine is the key to the treasure house of Chinese civilization."

June 20, 2010, Xi Jinping attended the Melbourne RMIT Chinese Medicine Confucius Institute at the ceremony and delivered a speech: "Chinese medicine embodies the concept of health and health practices and deep philosophical wisdom of the Chinese nation for thousands of years, is ancient Chinese scientific treasures, but also the key to open the treasure house of Chinese civilization. in-depth research and scientific summary TCM medical cause for the rich world to promote the life science research has a positive meaning. "


Xi Jinping Meets with World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan

 "Promotion of integrative medicine and Chinese medicine in overseas development."

August 20, 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping in close communication with both the meeting with World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan, Xi said China attaches importance to the important role of the World Health Organization is willing to continue to strengthen bilateral cooperation, and the promotion of Integrative Medicine medicine in overseas development, to encourage more Chinese production of pharmaceutical products enter the international market, to promote global health, to achieve the UN Millennium development goals and make greater contributions.


  "Xi greatly witness Australia's first Chinese Medicine Center was established."

 "Xi himself greatly in the international arena for Chinese medicine utmost Platform"

November 17, 2014, Canberra, Australia Parliament House, under the witness of President Xi Jinping and Australian Prime Minister Abbott, the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the University of Western Sydney, signed to establish TCM centers in Australia cooperation agreement. The center aims to conduct clinical research, providing distinctive, significant effect of health services, training medical personnel, disseminate culture of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine to the world to explore cooperation model, display and output of the soft power of culture.


Xi Xian greatly Investigation of Chinese Medicine

     "I also like to see the Chinese"

February 15, 2015 morning, Chinese President Xi Jinping to Yanta District Road two O five communities of Chinese Medicine to learn more about the situation of Chinese Medicine. He learned Chinese medicine shop nearly 300 square meters, Chinese medicine clinic, massage clinic Chinese medicine, acupuncture clinic, after the pharmacy, the general secretary said happily, "I traveled to many communities, like you do in the community hall of Chinese medicine, I was the first time to see not only opened a traditional Chinese medicine, and pharmacy, very comprehensive. "he said," because of side effects, efficacy, Chinese herbal medicine is relatively cheap, many patients prefer to see traditional Chinese medicine, as I also like to watch Chinese medicine. "


  Xi Jinping sent a letter to congratulate the 60th anniversary of the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  "Chinese medicine is a treasure of ancient Chinese science to inherit and develop the use of good."

  December 22, 2015, Chinese President Xi to the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the 60th anniversary of his letter, noted that Chinese medicine is a treasure of ancient Chinese science, but also the key to open the treasure house of Chinese civilization. Currently, the revitalization and development of Chinese medicine ushered in climate, geography, and the opportunity, hope that the majority of medical workers and enhance national self-confidence, and climb the peak medicine, to explore in depth the essence of traditional Chinese medicine treasure house, give full play to the unique advantages of Chinese medicine, promote modernization of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine to promote to the world, to ensure the Chinese medicine the ancestors left us a valuable asset to inherit and develop the use of good, write a new chapter in building a healthy Chinese realize China's dream of a great journey.

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