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Celebrate Swallow hospital pharmacy factory price adjustment successfully completed preparations

  Ningxinjuli, beyond the dreams of unremitting efforts, the factory hospital pharmaceutical formulation Swallow price adjustment finally made a breakthrough - the formulation adjusted hospital prices gained Qingdao Municipal Hospital related to the leadership for approval. Due to the ever-changing, hospital preparation price adjustment price adjustment program in the form of twists and turns, through the leadership of the Municipal Hospital layers of approval, under the joint efforts of both sides, especially in the company's leadership strategist, wise guidance, under the correct leadership of the Wang under the positive efforts and active cooperation of the financial sector, the two sides agreed to cooperate on key issues, the successful completion of the adjustment of hospital preparations price.

  April 14, 2016, the two sides according to the actual situation of production and operation costs as well as market supply and demand, and ultimately determine the use of the pharmaceutical factory Swallow provide price list for sale, in April 15, 2016 begin implementation of the new price, price formulation hospital successful adjustment means Swallow pharmaceutical plant will bring greater profits and prospects to Qingdao Huaren pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. imperial.

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