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Leveraging one million innovation fund billions of dollars of sales revenue for three years

"August, Wah Yan Pharmaceutical imperial Pu Yuan and new products will be available by the stomach capsules! We plan to three years, operating income Pu Yuan and stomach capsules do a million." Qingdao Huaren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., chairman of imperial Li Yongsheng said confidently.

Time dating back to August 2008, the Ministry of Science, Ministry of Finance issued SME Technology Innovation Fund in 2008 to support the project announcement, Qingdao Huaren Pharmaceutical imperial Pu Yuan and stomach capsule project won the national SME Technology Innovation Fund for financing 100 million.

Topical preparations production experience imperial Qingdao Huaren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years, products sold at home and abroad, business year to a new level, is developing rapidly. Currently, the company invested 30 million yuan to build a solid preparation workshop and modern Chinese medicine extraction workshop adopted a national GMP certification. The company already has an annual production of tablets, capsules 1 billion (tablets), oral solution 100 million production capacity.

Li Yongsheng said: "Pu Yuan and stomach capsule will form the advent of imperial Huaren Pharmaceutical strong development momentum, the imperial Pharmaceutical revenue is expected within three years of the yuan, 300 million yuan in five years, our goal is to build China's best medicine products stomach! "


National 1 million Innovation Fund

In August 2008, Qingdao Huaren Pharmaceutical imperial Pu Yuan and stomach capsule project won the national SME Technology Innovation Fund for financing of 100 million.

    SME Technology Innovation Fund is approved by the State Council set up a special to encourage, nurture, support and promote the Government Special Fund SME technological innovation projects. Chinese Drug Innovation Fund Pu Yuan and stomach capsule imperial project Huaren Pharmaceutical declared, in 2005 by the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College project to introduce six new drugs for the treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer medicine, the product has been years of clinical practice has proved efficacious, safe, has a good market development prospect. Three years through the establishment of a new imperial Pharmaceutical solid preparation workshop, and improve R & D and quality control facilities and technical personnel, equipment, technology and research to improve the level of product quality standards, so that the project has the industry conditions. Thus obtained with the reporting conditions and evaluation experts highly recognized.

Wah Yan imperial doctor to get medicine through the declaration of the National Innovation Fund project in the capital, brand awareness and product publicity, have been a great support. The Ministry of Science project also indicates that the project has advanced technological innovation and strong entrepreneurship team.


Innovation research and development of new drugs

Pharmaceutical industry known as the "three high" said the high-risk, high investment, high return. Talking Pu Yuan and stomach capsule, Li Yongsheng, chairman of emotion, admitted the product is the combination of too much effort researchers.

    Innovation is the soul of enterprise development, in the current fierce competition in the pharmaceutical market environment, pharmaceutical companies must have a core competitiveness, in order to have a unique product in the market competition come out on top and win. Undoubtedly, Pu Yuan and stomach medicine capsules is the imperial core products. Li Yongsheng told reporters, has been the imperial Huaren Pharmaceutical Company and the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College and other authoritative medical research institutions to maintain a wide range of technical cooperation and achieved fruitful medical findings. Which co-developed national drug - Pu Yuan and stomach capsule, has made the State Food and Drug Administration issued a new drug certificate and successfully invented two national patents, solid transformation workshop and product launch is Lee Chang-district government column the 2009 Top ten secondary industry projects. The product from the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College, Dr. dozen experts on the basis of the traditional recipe, after ten years of clinical research, continuous improvement, the use of modern biotechnology successfully developed the latest stomach. Clinical trials showed that: Pu Yuan was born and stomach capsule will have a significant impact in the treatment of stomach areas, and will lead the new changes in modern treatment of stomach.

Competition in the market is simply the product, and the new high-tech products derived from technological innovation, which is the core competitiveness of enterprises to survive and develop. Enterprises should work closely with the research institutes, the use of scientific and technological advantages of scientific research units to join a market-oriented management, development of high-tech content of new products - Wah Yan imperial Pharmaceutical innovation to achieve the business-oriented transformation, Pu Yuan and as demonstrated by the success of the stomach capsules. "Pu Yuan and gastric capsule industrialization" project in June 2009 under the "Qingdao City Enterprises Technology Innovation Project" Qingdao Economic and Trade Commission. Pharmaceutical imperial determined to Pu Yuan and stomach capsule project as an opportunity to further strengthen its own research and development capabilities, the development and introduction of new products and projects, enterprises bigger and stronger long-term development and lay a good foundation.


Focused only on the unique efficacy of Chinese medicine

Speaking of the advantages of Pu Yuan and stomach capsules, Qingdao Huaren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., deputy chief imperial Biological Engineering graduate, Xinjian Jie familiar.

"Compared to Western medicine, Chinese medicine as Pu Yuan and stomach capsule more features, more than 95% efficiency, which is the highest in the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine inside!" After 10 years of pre-clinical validation, Pu Yuan and stomach capsule not only effect significant, and can be solved pantothenic acid, bloating and other Chinese medicine practitioners speak of "signs" disease, the drug is approved by the state for nearly three years, only one stomach medicines. Currently, Wah Yan Pharmaceutical has an exclusive franchise imperial Pu Yuan and stomach capsules, the term of protection of 20 years. Xinjian Jie said: "After three clinical reports, patient's response to Pu Yuan and stomach capsule is better, many patients in the hospital have been named to Pu Yuan and stomach capsule."

Pharmaceutical industry more competitive, the market fine division, professional development is the trend. "Wah Yan imperial medicine to solid, topical formulations based, Chinese medicine is one of the important category, is the focus of future development," Xinjian Jie said.

Currently, Wah Yan imperial medicine and domestic and foreign research institutions have extensive cooperation and technical achievements into the league as a constantly updated products and laid a solid foundation. In addition to Pu Yuan and stomach capsule, the company has a number of products under development and reporting them, and strive to form within five years, species diversity, forward-looking technology and market well-known national pharmaceutical R & D and production enterprises.


    Do 3 million 5 years

Pu Yuan and stomach capsule August coming soon, according to the five-year plan Wah Yan imperial doctor of medicine, five years, Pu Yuan and stomach capsule turnover to more than 300 million yuan. Market prospects for new products, Li Yongsheng confidence.

"Long before the advent of the product, we have set up a 100-person marketing team, stepped up training to prepare in advance of entering the market." This year, Wah Yan imperial pharmacy will not be for the purpose of profit, focusing on the establishment of a national marketing network, the establishment of channel development market.

For this year's market layout, Li Yongsheng told reporters, Pu Yuan and stomach capsule through the "three three-step" strategy, the first year to create market infrastructure in marketing, the second year of a national incubator, becoming the third year digestive medicine major brands. Pu Yuan and this year plans to enter the stomach capsule 150 hospitals, a year after plans to increase the 300 hospitals.

Recently, the State Council passed the "number of policies to promote the biotechnology industry to accelerate development," stressed the need to vigorously develop bio-pharmaceutical industry as the focus of modern biotechnology. This will bring China's bio-pharmaceutical industry a positive impact on China's bio-pharmaceutical industry will promote the rapid development in the policy.

Wah Yan medicine such as the imperial doctor, has a strong R & D strength of the pharmaceutical industry enterprises, it will be the first to benefit from the biopharmaceutical industry support national, imperial Huaren Pharmaceutical will face more opportunities and challenges, in order to adequately prepare Faced with ever-changing market.

Qingdao Financial Daily

July 14, 2009

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