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Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Chinese medicine will become an important pillar of the national economy



  19 morning, the State Council Information Office of the State Council held a regular briefing policy in 2016, deputy director of the State Administration of Traditional longer than civilization at the meeting, February 14, 2016, the State Council 123 executive meeting discussed the "Chinese medicine strategic development plan (2016- 2030), "target 2020 total industrial output value of Chinese medicine industrial output value reached more than 30%, the pharmaceutical industry has become an important pillar of the national economy.


  In civilized noted that the strategic plan proposed two milestones by 2020 to achieve universal basic services enjoyed TCM, Chinese medicine health care system was further improved. Plan first proposed public Chinese medicine hospital beds per thousand population reached 0.55 per thousand oral health institutions TCM occupational category (assistant) physicians up to 0.4 people, total industrial output value of Chinese medicine industrial output value reached more than 30%, the pharmaceutical industry has become the national economy one of the important pillars. 2030 Chinese medicine services to achieve full coverage of medical and health services significantly enhanced, economic and social development and people's health insurance contribution rate of more prominent.


  Strategic Plan proposes seven aspects of 24 key tasks. First, effectively improve the service capabilities of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine to improve urban and rural medical service network. Second is to develop Chinese medicine health care services, to strengthen Chinese health care service system and capacity building. Third, push forward Chinese medicine inheritance, strengthen protection of traditional knowledge in medicine and technology mining, strengthening TCM Apprentice Education. Fourth, efforts to promote innovation in traditional medicine, Chinese medicine to strengthen theoretical innovation, research and major ailments major new drug, medicine and improve the collaborative innovation system. 5 is a comprehensive upgrade in the pharmaceutical industry level, to strengthen the protection of traditional Chinese medicine resources utilization. Sixth, vigorously carry forward the culture of Chinese medicine. Seven is actively promoting overseas development of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation.


  Based on these key tasks, strategic planning and implementation of the ten projects and three specific plan of action to ensure the realization of the goals and tasks, but also clearly put forward five safeguards. First, a sound legal system of Chinese medicine. Second is to improve the standard of Chinese medicine system. Third, increase policy support of Chinese medicine. Fourth is to strengthen team building talents of Chinese medicine. 5 is to promote information technology in medicine.

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